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By jhbMarch 22, in Audio and Video. Recently bought a V60 CC. The manual says that you can update the Sensus navigation maps by downloading them to a USB drive. USB with updates not recognized. Thought maybe it was a bad USB port but it reads my ipod just fine. Came across an article on the Volvo cars support site that mentioned a Sensus software update was required for this to work in XC90s delivered before November Wondering if by chance this applies to all Volvos delivered before November.

Mine has a June delivery date. Are you using the correct maps for your V60 or are you using the XC90 maps? The XC90 maps will not function in your car. Where can I download the latest maps for my all-new XC90? Where can I download the latest maps for Senus Connect?

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Feel kind of silly about this. The tip off, other than it says XC90 is that the map version numbers are vastly different. If you take it to the dealer they will update the maps for you for free as long as you have the nav discs.

volvo sensus updates

That's how we do it at my shop. Audio and Video Search In. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted March 22, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted March 23, The short answer is no Posted March 25, Go To Topic Listing.If you already have Sensus Connected Touch with navigation installed, we can offer a new SD card with updated map data.

The SD card can be purchased from a dealer. No charging time is required before the new map data can be used in the application. Map updates for when you already have Sensus Connected Touch with navigation in the vehicle. Only for vehicles that already have Sensus Connected Touch with Navigation. For more information regarding software updates, user manuals, compatibility and FAQ, see:. Certain applications require the purchase of a subscription in order to function.

When you have found the accessories you want, you can add them to your wish list. Choose a quantity and click add. Note that this is not an order. The wish list assists your Volvo dealer in assisting you. Color choices etc. Such details are instead determined in consultation with your Volvo dealer. When you are satisfied with your wish list, you can share it with your friends.

Open the wish list and click the button "Share". Your wish list is shared as it is at the moment. If you make changes to it afterward, you will need to share it again in order to let your friends see the changes.

When you are satisfied with your wish list, you can save it as a PDF. Open the wish list and click the button "Save as PDF". These items will be permanently removed from your wish list. Are you sure?? You have chosen another car.Here you will find information about how map updates are performed for systems other than Sensus Navigation.

Volvo supplies several different navigation systems, which are listed in this article. Maps are updated in two steps. Instructions for these steps are described in this article. If you do not have a USB memory to hand, you can download the map to another location. You then need to copy all the files to an empty USB memory later on. Map downloads are carried out using a program that is installed on your computer.

This program helps you to download the large map file and allows you to interrupt the download and resume it later. Under the tab for software and downloads, you will find current updates related to your particular navigation system. Click on the update you want to carry out and then follow the instructions below.

Depending on which system you have, select the download link for either Windows or Mac. Click on "New download" to download the map to a USB memory or to the computer's hard disk drive. Take the USB memory with the downloaded map on to your car and switch on the infotainment system.

The map update is initiated automatically. The infotainment system notifies you of the time for the update and asks you to confirm that you want to continue. S60, V60 and XC60 from and including model year to and including V40, V70, XC70 and S80 from and including model year to and including The range of models, systems and services may vary depending on market.

For car models from and including model yearsee on-line manual for the model concerned. If your car is connected to the Internet, the maps can be updated directly from the car. In certain cases you can use the files to supplement Volvo's maps with information on e. Map updates for older navigation systems Here you will find information about how map updates are performed for systems other than Sensus Navigation.

Map download program Map downloads are carried out using a program that is installed on your computer. Note Please note the following: The time it takes to transfer from the USB memory to the car varies depending on the size of the map data. The update can be performed while driving.

volvo sensus updates

The navigation system can be used to update a map region, but to update a whole map market, e. If installation is not finished when the car is switched off then the update continues when next driving. The map update is paused if the Infotainment system is switched off or if the USB memory is removed before the update is complete.

The update is resumed automatically when the system is switched back on or when the USB memory is reinserted. Please wait a moment before switching off the car and pulling out the USB memory stick after the transfer is complete.

This is to ensure that the map has been installed correctly. If you find that a map has not been installed correctly, you can try to first install a smaller map from another country e. Israel and then reinstall the required map. Instructions Depending on which system you have, select the download link for either Windows or Mac.

The position of this port may vary depending on the car model. Map update in progress. Remove the USB memory when the update is complete. Related articles MapCareTM.Also, feel free to check out our Community where we keep everyone informed about new releases and any other announcements.

You can also submit feedback and suggest new features there. We're sorry for the trouble caused, be rest assured that we are looking into it. Spotify support will be useless. Trust me. There are other posts about this app losing the ability to load Spotify-curated playlists.

Parrot are allegedly working on an update but don't know when it will happen. I've been communicating with Dmitri. Perhaps if y'all email them it will light a fire under them and get the ball rolling a little more quickly.

Let us know! The forum will not allow me to post that number here. Remember, Sensus Connected Touch is a legacy product. They will be able to find that. Be sure to tell them this issue has persisted for nearly a year and that the Spotify app is one they developed themselves using LibSpotify, which is no longer supported by Spotify itself.

Kindly note that the Spotify Application is not developed by Parrot. Definitely this has to be fixed, SCT is legacy product does not mean that it should not work This is from their own site on the apps available for SCT.

He needs to talk to Dimitri R. I've attached my emails to them. Hope it helps? Maybe refer them to Case No. It took a couple times on the phone with them to make them understand that this particular version is their baby, not Spotify's.

Dimitri R jsut got back to me: Hi Tim, Hope you are having a great day and happy new year. Still no updates from the higher department in relation to the update sir. I will keep you updated. Volvo customer care now says they are working with Parrot on an update, but now I am completely unable to login to Parrot's app on the Sensus Connected Touch.

It simply tells me that I need to have a premium accout, which I've got. Yes, happen also to me yesterday. It says i need premium account, but i do have one and checked that all payments was okay etc. I saw at the asteroid, volvo sensus app store that Spotify ist there anymore so dont try to reinstall the app or delite it. Little bit of the topic, Think Volvo and Parrot must be ashamed to this system. I meen Asteroids is Android but slimed one and they could have used the same.

Today its about 5 apps at the app store of Volvo. It happed me too. But I was thinking that was because I got Spotify Family. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Music Fan.I used to have Spotify on my Volvo, the app requested for an update, after the update the app icon disappeared.

I tried to download the app again but once the installation starts it gets interrupted and I receive a pop up that the error has been sent. On the new apps tab page of Sensus, by pressing the arrow below Spotify to show additional information the size of Spotify is shown as 0. All the other apps depict a size on the same screen. Go to Solution. Several users have already mentioned that they were able to resolve this issue by reaching out to their respective car dealer.

We suggest that any other users who are still experiencing this issue do the same if they haven't already. If after that you're still having trouble, feel free to create a new thread in the relevant help board in the Community and we'll see what we can do on our end to help. View solution in original post. I too had this problem today.

Update failed, its filesize appeared as 0. Ithen de-installed Spotify altogether, hoping that a fresh re-install would solve the issue. It didn't, so now I am without it, very unfortunately. Sincerely hope that someone or Spotify have a solution. My car is a Volvo XC60 T5. Thanks for all the evidence. Has anyone escalated this to Volvo locally?

How To: Update Navigation Maps in your Volvo

I will try to do so today NL. Same here on XC90, asked to update, somehow the update failed, app functionality was reduced saying you have to update, but no more update was given in download center. Uninstalled the app, reinstall fails and app size shows 0.

Tried over wifi and over mobile data.

Update my device right now

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here. Volvo Sensus app not downloading Solved! Go to solution. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

Download maps

Volvo Sensus app not downloading. Casual Listener. Labels: Other. Accepted Solutions. Re: Volvo Sensus app not downloading. Peter Moderator. Same with my car! XC60 T8! I'm having the same issue with my XC Peru Should be going to the dealership on Saturday. Spotify functions are gone! Updates do not appear in the download centre! I have the same problem in Poland XC Charged twice per month.Download the latest update available.

The most complete database of speedcam available on internet. You'll receive inmediately a download link containing the necessary files to update your device. You don't need to do other format conversions.

First of all, be sure you got the update file for your Volvo Sensus device, downloaded from SpeedcamUpdates. Last update: Update my device right now Download the latest update available. By Area i. By Country i. For your information This information will be able to be imported in your Volvo device if the version of your current software is or above that.

For your information Remember you can customize freely your download. Get access to the customer control panel and using the customization tool in order to get a customized speedcam database according to your needs. You will need this tool if your device doesn't accept the size of the new update.

You can add and remove countries speedcam data to your current setup. I led it so much. Thank you. Leo Blanchard - Amazing control panel to manage my databases and subscriptions. Alicia Michel - Great update for my car device.TuneIn is an Internet radio service which can be used in cars equipped with Sensus Connect. TuneIn offers more thanglobal live radio stations from all continents and more than two million on-demand programmes e.

The Find Fuel app allows you to find petrol stations near to your car while you drive. System updates involve the parts of the car relating to connected car and infotainment. If system software updates are available, these updates can all be implemented at once, or one at a time.

See the video or instructions below for information about how you install system updates directly from the car. System updates are managed using the Download Centre app in the application view in the centre display. Pressing the button starts a download application in the bottom home view subview. If no search for available updates has been executed since the last time the infotainment system was started, a search is carried out.

No search is carried out if software installation is in progress. An icon in the download application's button System updates shows how many updates are available. Pressing the button displays a list of updates which can be installed in the car. The car must be connected for system updates to be executed. For information on how to connect the car to the Internet, see Connect to the Internet via your mobile phone WiFior Connect to the internet via Bluetooth connected phone.

If no list is required, the Install all option can be selected by pressing the System updates button. Note that only the download can be cancelled, the installation phase cannot be cancelled once it has started.

Press System Download Centre. If an update is available, the New software updates available See Download Center message is displayed in the centre display's status field.

Pressing the message starts a download application in the bottom home view subview.

volvo sensus updates

As soon as the download application is started, an icon in the System updates button for the download application shows how many updates are available. Background software update searches are enabled when the car is supplied from the factory. Data download may affect other services that transmit data, e. Internet radio. If the effect on other services is experienced as disruptive then the download can be interrupted. Alternatively, it may be appropriate to switch off or interrupt other services.


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