Lemurian starseed characteristics

Continued from page one: Starseed Experiences. This a desciptive list of starseed personality traits and unique characteristics.

You can use these as a general guide to help recognize if you or someone you know is a star seeded soul. Although no descriptive list of personality traits can determine with certainty whether or not someone is a starseed, and although many people share or can relate to many of these qualities and experiences, if you relate or resonate with a majority of what is found on this starseed list then it is a positive indication that you may be in the process of awakening to your origin and purpose.

Always trust your intuition and heart. Many starseeds have reoccuring visions and dreams which feel like daydreams but have more substance and feel more 'real'.

lemurian starseed characteristics

It's as if there is a movie playing in their mind's eye and they can play the role of themselves and even the other characters in the daydream, complete with thoughts and emotion.

It feels as if they are recalling a memory or projecting a desired event into the future. Dreams and even visions can include fragmented memories of people, places or events that seem vaguely familiar to them but whom they have never met in person. Often these dreams or visions actually manifest or come to pass indicating a clairvoyant ability. Some describe it as a feeling of 'remembering the future'. Many experience reocurring dreams of flying and may have had a few out of body experiences throughout their life.

Many have the ability to have lucid dreams or have experienced astral projection.

19 Starseed Characteristics You Should Know About

Starseeds often experience missing time, or periods where times seems to either slow down or speed up considerably. Although, this is an experience that is happening to most people at this time on the planet as our perception of reality and time changes and consciousness expands.

A majority of starseeds even as young adults are night owls and enjoy staying up later than the average person. There is a peaceful feeling of solitude and clarity that starseeds feel at night. Those who do sleep earlier may find themselves suddenly awakening for no reason often around 3am. Many starseedshave unsual sleep patterns or find that they can get by on less sleep than the average person, but still there are periods where they may feel extreme fatigue and need more sleep than usual.

Characteristics and Traits of Star Seeds - Exploring the Heart and Mind of a Starseed Starseeds often feel that they may have a special purpose or role to play in their life. They often have a desire to 'heal or save the world' when they take a look at the many problems. Some have a desire to 'straighten out the many problems' in society and on the planet or have aquarian ideals and many are the astrological sign of aquariusfeeling that they have unique or unconventional solutions to these issues--and often do.

Although sometimes starseeds feel alienated from others and society in general and often find human behavior puzzling and illogical, they still can feel compassion for humanity and a sense of unity with them.Many people believe they can spot someone with this type of ancestry and soul descent just by their appearance. While Lumerians look like each other in many ways, they do not all necessarily conform to the same set of characteristics in terms of appearance.

If you genuinely want to know if you or someone you know is from this ancient race of people, then you should concentrate on the other characteristics. However, it is an excellent question! Some physical characteristics show up a lot among these people, and that can give you a good clue on who they might be without having to ask a bunch of people some awkward questions. Remember that not sharing these characteristics does not mean you have not got Lemurian ancestry.

They are beings of balance and moderation, embodying the idea of bringing masculine and feminine energies together so that they complement each other — a happy medium. Beyond that, they seem somehow like a future evolution of humanity — despite the fact that they are actually a very ancient race.

Puberty can be a stressful time for Lemurians that look like their ancestors on account of slow physical development, though this is more difficult for girls than it is for boys due to the apparent nature of it. Nevertheless, even during childhood, they have better control over their own energy balance than others their own age.

Lemurians are very attuned to the human form and as a result have a graceful quality to their stance and movement. They prefer white, flowing clothing that both stresses the shape of the body as well as providing a certain level of modesty.

Favorite colors for clothing and accessories are white and gold — a colour scheme that usually extends to the aura, spiritual health notwithstanding. Lemurians tend to be taller than other people. Women are not any shorter than men, and in either case they are on average between ft tall.

It also makes them very athletic in most cases. In fact, a lot of the top Olympic athletes are thought to descend from the Lemurians and other related ancient races. We can see it in their body types being idolized by the Ancient Greeks when they invented the Olympiad. There are reports of some living to years old or longer, though there is nothing confirmed in recent years. Even as they get older, it rarely shows. Their vitality stops them from developing wrinkles and other skin imperfections, which is the number one contributor to how old someone looks.

Their innate vitality also prevents illness and disease from taking hold and speeding up the aging process, and cancer is rare for them. Lemurians are usually smooth-skinned and have little in the way of body hair.

Men may struggle to grow facial hair. What hair does grow is usually fair and a little wispy, refusing to grow through any thicker no matter how often they shave it away. They were very strong swimmers in their epoch and like many swimmers today it was beneficial for them to get rid of any body hair. Though by the end of their civilization, they had made the transition to human reproduction and primarily looked like us, they were very different in the beginning.

Any of the following birthmarks could indicate an ancestor of this ancient race:. One physical trait that Lemurians tend to go towards is having tattoos of sacred geometric shapes.

Their civilization relied heavily on symbols and symbolism, imbuing them with a sacred power that still resonates through their descendants today.

It causes many of this descent to be drawn to designs that mimic or represent the sacred geometry their ancestors held as so necessary. They arrived here as Starseeds, helping to bring humanity from pure animal to spiritual beings.Lemuria was located in the Pacific Ocean and was a volcanic mountain range island covered in lush vegetation remarkably similar to that of modern day Polynesia. The people that inhabited the island varied in height, had dark hair, caramel coloured skin, thin frames, small torsos with long limbs, high cheekbones and full lips.

Lemurians lived closely with nature and maintained a reciprocal relationship with their environment. They acted as guardians to the animals and preserved their habitats, they fertilized plants after harvesting from them and they deliberately lived in small communities to prevent stress to the environment.

The Lemurians held a nature-based belief system but did not worship deities. The worship of deities did not occur until after the fall of Lemuria, after several 5th dimensional beings helped ensure the survival of the human race.

Life in Lemuria

Dolphins were held in special regard by Lemurians because of their gifts as healers and intuitive advisors. After the fall of Lemuria, many of its inhabitants fled to modern day Asia, Oceania, Polynesia and North and South America and would give rise to the current indigenous populations of these areas. The Lemurian language is an ancient language that originated on the ancient island of Lemuria and is the root language that gave rise to the Asian, Polynesian and North and South American languages.

The Lemurian language uses a lot of vowel sounds like i, ee, ah, oh, oo, ay and uh. They are relatively limited in consonant sounds but include m, n, p, b, g, k, h, l, t and r. They have some sounds that are a mixture of sounds, for example g and k are kind of mixed as are ch and zh. The Lemurians were a matriarchal society with a clan system.

lemurian starseed characteristics

Clans corresponded with certain animals and were inherited from the mother. Each clan was associated with a certain animal. The people belonging to the clan took special care of the animal, made offerings to them, took care of their habitats and in turn for their kindness, the animal gifted them with their strengths.

Other clans included fish, seabird, crab, spider, cow, otter, jaguar, eagle and whale. Lemurians that were able to ascend into the fifth dimension while on Earth, often became guardians of their clan animal and continue to protect them today. Lemurian society was focused the collective and not on individuality. There was no money system in Lemuria, instead everyone provided a service free of charge available to everyone else.

The clan in charge of healing, attended to health of everyone. The clan in charge of building, built everyone a home.But, there are several elemental energies in the ancient souls and star seeded individuals who are pristine, as well as untainted.

Such inherent frequencies actually distinguish them from other species, as well as give them their identity. Starseeds actually know when they have Lemurian soul traits. The intuition squeals that they are doing so. When they evolve spiritually, these characteristics become more and more prominent.

lemurian starseed characteristics

Some lands in Madagascar were also a part of the ancient continent Lemuria. At is top its reach even touched the areas of British Columbia in Canada. The historical significance of Lemuria is evident in its expansion. The Lemurian people were not an ordinary one. They had found a way in which they unlocked the pathway to the fifth dimension. That is why they had the ability to produce unimaginable feats.

Before the ancient continent fell to the forces of evil, it was the groundswell of spiritual knowledge. Lemurians were not just able to unlock the fifth dimension, but they also easily have the ability to switch back to the fourth, as well as the third dimension at will. The spiritual powers which they possessed were never paralleled in history. The civilization of Lemuria was the founding father of a lot of other cultures.

And when it actually did, it constantly battled against Lemuria as of conflicting ideologies. Because of this disparity, they actually laid waste to the land of each other, bringing about an age of darkness, as well as malice. Lemurian people were insistent that there has to be no compulsion in spirituality.

People have to be given the freedom of traveling towards spirituality at their own pace. However, Atlantis wanted to abuse its power, as well as control smaller civilizations. It believed that the lesser evolved cultures have to take its wing. Its authoritarian tendencies led to this Great War between the two great civilizations.

War does not spare anyone, and they are no winner, but victims only. After the fighting subsided, the spirituality of people stooped to an all-time low. A thermo-nuclear blast actually heralded the end of the Lemurian civilization.

That tragic event embeds itself in the genetic seats of the human soul. To heal it, it requires spirituals struggle of the highest order in a few incarnations. After the Lemurian people and the Atlantean people realized that they were wrong, they moved towards a period of spiritual convalescence.

Even though a constant emotional struggle occurred, they also had the ability to mitigate the bruising effects of their aggressions somewhat. The Lemurian people also had the ability to regain their dignity and honor before they plunged to their deaths.

Before meeting its end, some oracles of Lemuria prophesized that Lemurians are going to rise again as one and carry the torch of spirituality with their heads held high. A lot of people, until today, await the fulfillment of this prophecy.

The good news for these people is that the age of Lemuria has already reinitiated. A lot of cultures with evolved understandings have started to show their domination. Everyone has to become a part of this revolution, as well as contribute their love and light to this just cause.Lemurian soul Traits: An intermingling of energies persists among humans because of interplanetary interactions.

However, there are certain elemental energies in the ancient souls and star seeded individuals that are pristine and untainted. Their intuition squeals that they do so. As they spiritually evolve, these characteristics become more and more prominent. Some lands in Madagascar were also a part of this ancient continent.

At its peak, its reach even touched the lands of British Columbia in Canada. They had found a way to unlock the pathway to the fifth dimension. Before Lumera fell to the forces of evil, it was the groundswell of spiritual knowledge.

Not only were Lemurians able to unlock the fifth dimensionbut they were also easily able to back to switch back to the fourth and third dimension at will. After the Lemurians and Atlanteans realised they were wrong, they moved towards a period of spiritual convalescence. And through constant emotional struggle, they were able to mitigate the bruising effects of their aggressions somewhat. Before Lemeria met its end, some oracles prophesized that, Lemurians will rise again as one and carry the torch of spirituality with their heads held high.

We have to become a part of this revolution and contribute our love and light to this just cause. We can all possess Lemurian traits if we vow to follow the path of love, light and spiritual enlightenment. Article written by spiritualunite.

What Do Lemurians Look Like? – Physical Signs

Please link back to the original article when sharing. Related Article.Starseeds are the souls having a different star origin than earth, but they have selected to incarnate on earth to serve the human race and Mother Nature in many ways.

Although they choose the human body for their incarnation and go through all the stages of birth, they appear entirely different when they stand together with other earth dwellers. Starseed physical characteristics are unique. Starseed Eyes: Starseeds are old and wise souls, and their eyes depict that. They have eyes of the keen observer who can even see the minute details. As they are highly intelligent, their eyes show wisdom.

Usually, they have large and magnetic eyes; but some could have small eyes as well having different shapes and colours. But one thing is for sure when you look in their eyes, you see curiosity and depth as they know the unknown. Starseed Faces: Usually, starseeds have long and thin faces — but again, it is not true for all.

Their necks are also thin and long. Many starseeds have a beautiful look on their faces, but some might scare you with their sharp look. Some may even look like elves with pointy ears.

Starseed Bodies: They are mostly tall with thin bodies. Not all these starseed physical characteristics are present at the same time. There are episodes of any symptoms that come and go on their own.

But these traits make them who they are. This article was written by spiritualunite, please link back to the original article when sharing, Namaste. Related Article.Given that you came from stardust and have been infused with divine light, you might feel this connection deeply in your bones. Is this an illusion? Or are you born from a distant star, a true descendant of a faraway light-body or planet, a Starseed? Many say that there are over billion stars in The Milky Way, our home galaxy. While that number is massive, imagine the billions of realms and planets that are hidden from view.

Imagine the distances we have yet to travel. Consider the possibility that time does not exist and that all matter changes or expands in each moment. Could it be that the number of stars, galaxies, planets, and realms is dynamic, and therefore, incalculable?

This would make your birth on Earth either a planned event, a pre-birth choice, or happenstance. When we wonder about our origins, we might consider that Earth is one of many experiments, during a time when collaborations of alien races seeded stars and planets to grow new worlds.

When we die and then choose to reincarnate, it seems we have many options. As amorphous, traveling souls, we not only have this planet to consider, but many others throughout the billions of galaxies, realms, and universes, and within many continuums of spacetime.

We might also be living simultaneous, co-joined lives in a variety of places, and within several spacetime platforms. Earth is an evolving, stable, three-dimensional planet, with an equal balance of physical and angelic experiences.

The ideas and concepts around Starseeds come to us through channelers and seers who regularly connect with the Akashic records. These records comprise the energetic imprints of all intentions, thoughts, emotions, relationships, creations, and events, ever to have occurred, throughout every race, in all the realms, throughout all of spacetime.

While much of this information is relatively easy to channel and comprehend, there are several perspectives on how Starseeds come to Earth and the many types of Starseeds. According to the channelers, Starseeds ar e advanced spiritual beingsfrom other planets and realms, who possess spiritual and scientific knowledge that date back hundreds of thousands of years.

It seems that while most Starseeds are benevolent beings who seek to help all living beings throughout all of the realms and universes, some Starseeds seek to control interplanetary resources for the benefit of their home planets. Starseeds might also have been birthed through inter-consciousness conception, virgin births, akin to the stories about Jesus.

Another possibility is that any soul can become a Starseed when another Starseed infuses the soul with intentional light. This can occur when souls are in utero or at any other point in their lives. Regardless, it seems that Starseeds do exist, in one form or another. We might never know which Starseed concepts are closest to the truth. You may have a quiet sense that you came from somewhere beyond this planet, and can imagine your physical appearance from prior lives, in other worlds.

Maybe you fantasize about life in other galaxies with the hope of incarnating elsewhere in future births. Even with these real feelings of alignment with other worlds, you might never know whether or not you are genuinely Starseed. We all seek belonging, alignment, or kinship with a person, family, group, culture, or society.


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